Neo Town and Kerning Square

In case you thought that Maple Story was about livin' within the here and now, then you may simply no way. MapleStory's looking towards the long term because they have a brand new gadget to play with -- a website by way of period! Oh, plus a purchasing Maple story mesos mall too, but the period portal is actually way chillier. That's not a single, but 2 new places to enjoy!

Maplers can now return to the future to Neo Town as well as support the new NPC Andy save Maple World from becoming a darkish wasteland. Through jumping backwards and forwards by way of period, players who bought?walnut story mesos can help modify history to make sure the actual Walnut Planet does not break apart at the seams!
But, in the event that time travel is not for you personally, then you will go shopping within Kerning Sq .! Oh yea, just make certain not to get your face rocked away with a spirit associated with songs, or fall victim for the residence appliances that have used on a lifetime of their very own. Ok... perhaps the shopping mall isn't any safer than period travel. Either way, you will find loot rewards in the end associated with both locations that players may definitely desire to get hold of.
If you'd like a visual appear into the 2 new zones, even so, simply check right after the actual break! We now have 2 teaser trailers just waiting around for you! In addition, we have area information. Everybody loves patch information.

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