Maple Story mesos prepares to celebrate its first anniversary

Maple Story mesos prepares to celebrate its first anniversary. To mark this anniversary, players Runes of Magic have a week to participate in the festival week will also be marked with special offers and a game event.

The festivities begin today with a rain of frogs descending on the world of Runes of Magic!
Anyone happen to get their hands on one of these hopping amphibians will receive special tokens that can be redeemed against items of value. On 19 March, adventurers will receive an online exclusive pet: frog lucky. This is the first pet that, in addition to its original appearance, will also have a special effect: the owners will have their chance to find rare items increase in the world of Runes of Magic. Fireworks will close Friday in a beautiful bouquet final day of the feast of the first year of the game.

In addition, players will gain next weekend triple experience points and skill.
Recall that at present, Runes of Magic already has over 2.5 million registered users, making the game a title to the greatest success in the Free to Play.

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