Dot pollute the Maple story mesos environment

"Two nights ago. My boyfriend's fine trumpet DK destroy God rest days in the AG door chat. Suddenly came breathed a slow dance called DK, stand beside us even say," I grass. ". Say my boyfriend this DK The ID and the other named demon similar to a fine day ID number, and then asked my boyfriend is not his fans ah. Are worship him ah? meal my boyfriend BB, then the thinking of the human brain there is no residual to him.. who knows cheap maple story mesos Yesterday morning, my boyfriend had just one on-line to find him a bunch of people call me to find a boyfriend, but we say that we lie to slander point card.. I feel very angry, however, provoke him move He screamed out in this? Therefore in the public and his brush in screen (I know I do it no virtue.. pollution of the environment), then, his younger brother Ho-day demon M me. that they are not afraid of brush Association. They are 4 years of her husband will be. I want to brush lightly brush..
Or renamed to serve us directly... also threatened us, so that their entire [Nether Wu ghost town] union people are reported to us.. Let us play in this area do not go on.. I do not understand.. We did not lie to one card, two Kengren not only because of ID, and others similar, you cannot play in this area? to not pollute the environment, public screen.. I fear the arrival of the Forum, please assessment comments.. I know.. That something bigger P, the 14 Office of overkill.. but I just think, be a human being, not because of the rich and powerful, standing cheap rs gold away the right to bully others, why others you have been bullied, playing a game on the case.. In reality the upper hand the terrible? For the time being do not want him mainly as the reality of what a man.. At least I think he even played the game a virtual character are unqualified.. There is an old saying "no products, not Warcraft", I deeply for this scum out of the War craft feel sad.. I admit, I was an amateur player. I do not have the PVP-called full-service equipment, the best people are good, there is no way he was good. just want my boyfriend, with daily mining mining, playing small. Is this a little demanding die?

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Living in the world of maple story mesos

Since they last the fate of death, and I do not know where to go find her, then simply go with him. Cannot say there is a miracle, this is better than a person's loneliness and longing. For my injury, I had it lightly. So Jesus in the desert West, there is a leaning on the staff to the nearly naked tribal priests, and a ragged coalition soldiers without cheap maple story mesos armor, they helped each other, stumble. Now I know where the time what the fate of what is meant to be. Mutual support and rely on us not the food that we almost do not know how far they go, but this time the journey, not even to the last night, there are only hot yellow glare of the sun and the desert . This sand is so quiet, to the last notice any wind is stifled, we only difficult to walk without thinking. The purpose of our respective walk there.

I know through his gestures, we have been to the south. And from the destination getting closer. He knows I'm looking for people? And South of the land, the eternal day! This is living in the world of Azeroth where people are aware of has been around for a thousand years of a mysterious ancient proverb. What exactly hidden inside, no one can say clearly. Is that remark in here? Eternal day, no night. Life is not just the two of an extreme, in addition to cold is hot? Our stubborn buying wow gold forward. We should not hold when the tribal priests suddenly made a call soon. The front actually had a green pool. Around the pool covered with colorful flowers and colors I do not know the name. I stared, through gestures have found a priest I know he's looking for things. I doubt my senses heat and extreme fatigue because there hallucinations. Pastor Juqi that name until the lake water tribe, cautiously, when I learned to drink. All this is true. Pool is not deep, into the arms in the end.

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Fill in the application of Maple story mesos

Once on shore, were continuing last night, caught on the line for every three days on the M's high priest cercal abuse activities. . . Brush for three years has been saying for three years is not seen a tiger ah. . . Suddenly thought of there before the Society of Mission ZS said that he had three tigers brush through some kind of trick to - - and this little trick is to brush the long, long time If you do not brush before going to take liberties with the next cheap maple story mesos.. . And soft-hearted to see her sister out of the GM, he has been convinced that GM is compassionate sister secretly get rid of you change the rate of about her. . . Of course, I scoff at the idea for this - - you always feel that GM should not do it. . . Will not it. . . Coincidence! Hey yeah yeah I said coincidence is certainly a coincidence. . . But when I'm brushing on the back skins do not even make the case out of my depression and the - - the decision, come!

He is the GM tube was molested molested Ding three stone, but do not take liberties with him not out, then look at it and would not take liberties with less meat. . . So the M's to the black storm was confused when I started to fill in the application, tied for a long time what the final application should be filled to write a "fall on the ZG BOSS horse problem" so Gouxue sentence, looking at that time can not be pre- estimated half sank. . . Hey do not wait until I jumped out come of your buying wow gold. . . In that case bad review Oh! Bad review Oh! ! But this time, said GM appears soon, I just launched point for GM to run a bird came, of course, I cannot speak to ask about Oh how Zug in the end the Tigers could not give me away that you are not a BLABLA . . . How not spoken with the GM, or the thin skinned, so he asked around in circles out rate of the tiger ah GM said that I did not see the brush for three years really dropped the tiger with the BOSS (tears), and finally very Canada desperate fear that if the out of print for how to do Cataclysm

Sense of maple story mesos inner joy and satisfaction

Last night, suddenly a phone call, I heard my friend's wife put the children to keep the stomach, which made her excited. Just the other day, my friend's wife water broke, and has been in the hospital to the stomach, 5 months old son to do miscarriage. Can be connected to the phone, I know her heart, put down the stones, high jump let me go around with her, I agreed. I know that this little life would be if the mother after the passage of time how much maple story mesos damage the heart! Shenyang, the weather last night was not cold, just feel the air Tide, and I walk with her to the North, and eating a lot of things along the way chatting. She always said in front of me but I have always been the "victim", she always wanted to use the language Mai Tai I, and anti-I simply say to dry silent, face the dregs is simply lovely! Sense of inner joy and satisfaction to my endless emotion, I do not know why.

She is my former colleagues, the contact time of less than 3 months, but she good to me, is the former friend can not, I believe that there is Tera gold cheap interaction between people he will be the heart heart, you I am good, I'll be better for you. But the past proved to me the "friends" have let me down, so I do not need those people on my "good." I admit that I was withdrawn, the characteristics of the girls, just outside the soft, I believe most people can not do with my friends.

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Attempt to carry out maple story mesos

Failure to complete a mission is a more popular topic of it, it should belong to the wild group of cases of early failure. That was 60 years ah! It is a copy of the team is playing 20 or 40 people instead of 10 and 25 individuals. A copy was also not present, a few casual group of people will be able to get through or how much to play! The so-called unfinished mission is basically self-organized people, and had no hope of holding the can open up the attempt to carry out maple story mesos. It lacks its own organization and cohesion, and hit the halfway dissolution is completely normal, which is responsible for this who do need to have? In fact the concept of a mistake, you summarize these things, whether in the age of 60 years or Han Han, have never been a positive evaluation! Open link, NIJIA, black equipment, irresponsible, etc., we are now in the curse, are in the 60's these acts are recognized it?

Sina NIJIA see archives, the earliest record is at what time. Whether it is or what NGA 17173 or something, you have a memory thing encouraging these acts? First, the starting point you are wrong, you should not criticize the 60s, but those who are sick of us from start to finish, but despite repeated prohibitions of bad behavior. We miss the 60's because of our moral principles at that time than now to strongly adhere. Ceremony Disintegration in this era of rs gold yesterday playing with the "brother" might have on the general channel the next day's headlines, then you can imagine such a thing in it? The number of persons NIJIA and AFK? How many people do not dare because they were on the line brush? What we are exposing and criticizing what the most fundamental reason for reporting scraper is that we want to have a healthy and harmonious environment, so we need a clear understanding that after so many years, what we actually get what they lost, whether we should how to do it. Even if we are powerless to change the world, but we still need to work to ensure that it does not become more nonsense, strict with himself, but a small step, but the 500 million WOWER together, and that is to civilization a major step toward harmony . Network products such as character, a gentleman is not a moment away from the road also, encourage each other in this party of willing,

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In order to kill the maple story mesos princess

Has also insisted that ~ never thought of giving up the ideal of a good time for me to understand the reality of power is extremely powerful look back which did not return from moving in and can not get my help to leave, so that memories, forever in my memory to open the game enter the account password, and picked a warrior spirit into my dream of maple story mesos. Tasks, copy, upgrade, new friends to join Association, a few days later I went to 45. The first thing on the line every day and play with friends Mara Leighton, in order to kill the princess to see. The time this level is not very long. Soon promoted to grade 60.

In a task. Copy of the upgrade. New guild members to feel that we become strong. (Because you have many friends) (60 WOW) in Warcraft I spent five years in youth, Push all the free time and took half of my life orientation in Warcraft III, where I had hope, had moved and ideals, but also lost too, too sad, when many of us there is always the ideal to be achieved in Warcraft. Because we have many, many of them around (they are) - my guild members have. We all pay for the effort with a common goal, whether success or failure, we never give up, because we believe that we are united teammates.

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I have no confidence to go maple story mesos

Betrayal from Alsace to Uther's tomb, this history was never recorded to Stratholme, it has never put out the flames engulfed the city. Fanatical Scarlet Crusade still there regardless of you and me The fight against the so-called natural disasters. has been forgotten doomed love and the family tragedy of this story. That simple photo and beliefs always indicate what medal. I looked at the burning Stratholme daze thinking about her past maple story mesos brilliant. That one has not collapsed building numbers, which are buzzing with the soul Zuozuo Ziggurat. And that the slaughterhouse full of hate. That the mighty Baron Rivendare.

This is all about. that whether the soul is still wandering there and Fordring past, too. they know their families far away, they said, such as Alsace, as evil, now these I do not know, but now they never left Stratholme. has never been ... 193 times, I have no confidence to go watch the body, that sparkle and jumped as if laughing at me. Now step I have no elegant past, no past hope, my dusty armor, long time no oil in the bow that, there'll be thousands of arrows in the quiver. And that the hotel proprietress Eastern Plaguelands smile, I feel like I have not I'm just so simple brush DK, Baron Rivendare now the two of us are sick feeling to see who is who ..

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Longing for Maple story mesos

At this point my heart empty, no more is coming from, think about before, the shadow and I have been playing half a year, if several days in the game and never see each other's shadow, it will send a text message or a phone call to greet each other. Do not go well the next time a copy is also UT where we sometimes quarrel, but when the climax of every wake and see this funny look like each other excited, are spontaneously laugh, said to him, the conflicts to solve the Maple story mesos problem is methods. Gradually, we became very good friends, longing for the open after the new version we have to embark on a new journey together.

Now, the shadow will leave me, and I like the wind in the leaves, perplexed. At that moment my heart all tastes too. However, such a good friend, suddenly disappeared in your game, perhaps, a later date, we will also indistinct in touch, but one can imagine the future, we will gradually long journey. He will be the new part, and the others shook hands firmly, and then the day before on our image, as clouds in the mind will be slowly dispersed. Soo beautiful drop of water, and instantly in our world evaporated, and it a another way, crystal presented to the others. Ray is such a lot of things. When it is the result of a throw in front of us, after a U-turn to pull off to get away, and only the sad and bitter to stay, let alone to savor. Many things are not always approachable, and sometimes, God will grace hide, suddenly airborne gives you a happy, when you waste their time, turned around, and floated away, leaving you a different recollection of The desolate background.

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A certain aesthetic fatigue of maple story mesos

There are seven-year itch of marriage, our game of life, how many years should the itch? In my opinion, one year is enough. Can play a game more than a year, perhaps because the game is really too much fun. It played two years? Shows the continued vitality of the maple story mesos game strong, a lot of political reform. The third year, no matter how fun the game, no matter how change will have a certain aesthetic fatigue, and even play the game to ask ourselves what is the purpose? As the beginning of this article said, purely for enjoyment.

When playing a game has become a worry from the time of joy, and whether to change a state of mind to enjoy it? Three years, still insist on playing, not, not should adhere to this word. Is also still enjoying all the old players, must have been the "miracle world" as a part of their lives, and it is an inseparable part. And now is a full four years, and I think a lot of old players like me, intend to "miracle world" pension, regardless of the "miracle world" what would become of the future will stay here. In the end because we are old, can not accept a new game? Or because the habit of a "miracle world" can not withdraw to leave? The profound reason that we do not have to pursue the matter, as long as he knew, "Wonder of the World" is our only game.

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Maple story mesos liar

Liar subdivision, there are many. Hacking cheat large numbers of small to get money cheat popularity. As long as they can be deceived, there are swindlers deceive. The following one by one according to the degree of hateful analysis.
1. Beggars trumpet. Such liars are often 30 below, and often the equipment is to strip the body, see a slightly higher passing grade is necessary money. And is repulsive to the non-greedy, if we look at you very generous to continue to be. To the money to equipment. If you refuse, and face a deceitful even less popular and then you say, "This is not to give me maple story mesos gold in the end," the gas you to death. Ago, such a liar in the market up to now, many have shifted to the terminals at the money. Measures to deal with: see the initiatives for money, ignore! If he trades you, look at his mouth with you for money, and immediately cancel the deal.
2. Cheat liar popular level that is generally not high, 15-50. Level is not high mainly for friends. Popular name for the cover, once you find purpose, they ask for 100% of first raising, the other one plus the popularity for his immediate line or offline. Measures to deal with: want to change popular, and as far as possible before adding to demand. If you first add the other bent, you must request the other party to follow you say "cheating popular family die out." I believe no matter how shameless liar will not be popular to criticize their own little family die out.
3. The name of "copy" under the cover deceive equipment market when I see someone shouting "copy equipment." When the fish bait, the swindler will ask the victim to do according to what he said. First, transactions, and then cheat the victim to put the equipment to copy a go, then press the "exchange." This time, a confirmation dialog pops asking you to confirm the exchange. Neither will let you point a liar "is" not spots "No", he will want you to press the Y button on your keyboard. Y key effect is the fact you point "is" is the same as that agreed to exchange. Liar a look you press the Y key, has long been ready for his side, quickly press the agreed exchange. Piece of equipment to such victims fooled. Measures to deal: Do not believe the plug or the so-called replication methods. The sky will not fall from the pie. In such people away from him. Nothing like a good heart to help you copy equipment, and if he will copy the equipment, his own copy to find their friends, looking for foreigners to participate in what.

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